Breeding dogs is a huge responsibility. As AKC dog breeders, we strive to produce superior dogs, that are a betterment of the breed. Our breeding animals are from show quality, respected German and European Import bloodlines. We stand behind our dogs, and their genetics- and guarantee our puppies from hereditary illness (including hip and elbow dysplasia) until 2 years of age. If determined by a licensed veterinarian to have an inherited health issue, we will replace the puppy from a future litter. We know that after a year or 2 of owning the dog very few people would want to "replace' their pet- so we do NOT require you to return the dog, we only require that you have the dog spayed or neutered (by a licensed veterinarian, and proof forwarded to us as such). Puppies purchased from us must NOT be bred before their 2nd birthday, and NOT until they pass an ADRK Hip and Elbow(German Rottweiler certification) or OFA Hip and Elbow certification at that time. This is required by us to help insure the betterment of the breed continues through any puppies we have produced- as only top notch puppies should be considered as future breeding dogs.

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   We are confident you will be just as proud of your new puppy as we are to have bred him! And as a proud new Rottweiler parent- we know you will be telling everyone about him, and showing him off to all that know you! And that is why we offer a referral program to everyone that has purchased a puppy from us! If you have purchased a pup from us in the past, and then someone you referred purchases a puppy from us- you BOTH get a $50 referral bonus! We will send the referrer an email asking how they would like to receive their bonus (either through paypal, or a check/money order mailed to them) and the referred person will receive a $50 discount off of the purchase price of their puppy. So spread the word about your handsome rott! And be sure to tell everyone you BOTH win when referring a friend!

    PS- and for those of you referring yourself;) we will gladly give the bonuses to any of our returning customers!


Litter Planned Fall 2022- Foxa will be bred back to our male Bravo!  This is a proven cross, that has thrown some beautiful, THICK puppies! We look forward to welcoming another handsome litter from these two! Puppies from this litter will be $2800.  

CURRENTLY 2 MALES and 3 FEMALES RESERVED from Foxa's litter by Bravo

Litter due mid June 2022- Our girl Belle has been bred to Sledge from Swope's Kennels in KY. Belle ultrasound confirmed pregnant with 8+ babies:) Both Belle and Sledge are large, THICK dogs- and we are very excited to see the puppies from this cross! Puppies from this litter will be $2800. CURRENTLY 1 MALE and 3 FEMALES RESERVED from Belle's litter by Sledge

Litter Planned for Late 2022- We plan on breeding our girl Willow later this year! Willow produces LARGE puppies- and we are excited to welcome another litter from her later this year. We are waiting for Belle's puppies to be born before deciding if she will be bred to our male Bravo, or to an outside stud. Willow is expected in heat around October, puppies due around December (depending on when she comes in heat/is bred). Please check back soon for updates on this planned breeding.

CURRENTLY 1 MALE RESERVED from Willow's 2022 litter

Litter Late 2022/Early 2023- We are planning one more litter by the pink papered, IPO 3, German Import Champion Stud- Rasty von St Niclas, with our girl Kodiak! This is a proven cross, and we can't wait to have another litter by these two!  Please call/text for more info on this litter. Puppies from his litter will be $3200.

CURRENTLY 3 MALES and 2 FEMALES are RESERVED from Kodi's litter by Rasty.

Litter Planned Early 2023- Our girl Cannon turns 2 this year, and after she completes her Hip/Elbow certification (she was Good/Normal on her OFA Prelims) we are planning on breeding her to Western Family Ranch Tank Marvel for her first litter! More info will be added later this year:)

CURRENTLY 1 MALE RESERVED from Cannon's litter by Tank



​​Rottweilers, Horses, Dairy and Meat Goats

Occasionally we may have a puppy that we determine to be of "pet quality" prior to weaning. When purchasing a "pet quality" puppy from us we will be very up front in disclosing why we have decided to only sell this puppy as a pet. We make this decision based on anything that we consider to be a fault that would hinder the dog in anyway- in confirmation shows, performance, or that we feel excludes it from being of breeding quality. These flaws may be very hard for anyone not used to showing AKC Rottweilers to identify- for example if the color of their eyes is too light, that is considered a fault in the show ring. Most people not interested in showing or breeding will have no issues however with such a minor flaw, and may choose to prefer a pet grade pup from us. We do not guarantee our pet grade pups, being that we have already determined they are not breeding/show quality- and this is reflected in the purchase price. Any pup being sold as pet quality will be given a reduced purchase price. They will also receive a different purchase agreement then the breeding/show quality pups. All pet quality pups will be contractually required to be spayed/neutered at 6 months of age- and Western Family Ranch will pay for the spaying/neutering procedure up to $100(must be through a licensed veterinarian). If you are interested in a pet quality pup, please email us and let us know- and we will be happy to inform you if we have any pet quality pups available in the current litter, or in any subsequent litters. 

    Here at Western Family Ranch, our Rottweilers are a part of our family. They live in our home, work (and play) with us on the Ranch, and protect our livestock and our family. Our Rottweiler puppies are started the same way, as they should be- here in our Loving Home with daily contact with our young children, and other species of critters. As soon as they are old enough, they are exposed to a wide array of creatures and activities- making them both easy going and confident.. and ready to adapt to whatever their future homes may bring.    

Buying a Puppy

**No Puppies will be held without a Deposit!**
Deposits will hold pup until weaning/pickup- at around 8-9 weeks old. Remaining Balance paid at pickup.  Deposits are non-refundable, but can be applied to a future litter if arrangements are made as early as possible- in cases of emergency ect.  

Paying for your puppy. A $300 deposit will hold a puppy until weaning. For deposits we accept cash, check/money order, and all major credit cards through PayPal. All puppies must be paid in full by weaning/ time of pickup- which is normally around 8 weeks of age- after receiving their 2nd set of puppy shots, and microchipping. To pay for the remaining balance, you must pay through PayPal at least 3 days before you pickup the puppy (to give time for funds to verify and process), or you may pay with cash when you come to pickup your puppy.